CCCS of Buffalo is Expanding Service Area!

We are excited to announce that CCCS of Buffalo is expanding beyond our NY borders and we are now registered to serve the following states!

✔️New York
✔️West Virginia
✔️North Carolina

CCCS provides credit counseling services to those living in the above states. This involves a comprehensive and holistic overview of debt repayment options based on an individual's income and monthly expenses. Nationally certified counselors review the pros and cons of various options, including a Debt Management Plan (DMP). Through a DMP, an individual makes one monthly payment to CCCS who then will send out each individual payment to each of their creditors on a monthly basis. When enrolled in a DMP individuals likely are able to lower their interest rates and become debt free in 5 years or less. CCCS is a nonprofit agency whose counselors are looking out for their clients' best interest. 

If you or someone you know is struggling with debt, call CCCS! 716-712-2060 or 800-926-9685


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