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What's College Tuition Insurance?

What is Tuition Insurance? ·         Insurance that can cover and provide reimbursement of financial losses for students who are forced to leave school for unexpected medical reasons, such as serious injury or illness, chronic illness, and mental health conditions. ·         Most insurance plans can refund expenses such as tuition, housing, academic fees, and deposits ·         Estimated cost is $200 in premium for every $10,000 worth of coverage ·         Offered by select insurance providers, and even some schools offer it themselves *Pandemics are typically excluded from the policies, but this year companies may be making exceptions – Likely “You have to become ill, you have to have a positive diagnosis, and your doctor should recommend you leave school” – Quoted by John Fees, co-founder of GradGuard, a tuition insurance provider. When does it not provide coverage? If a student chooses to withdraw from school voluntarily, perhaps due to how classes will be taught (vi