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Details of President Biden’s New Student Loan Forgiveness Program; Announces Final Extension to Student Loan Repayment Program

  Millions of Americans have waited eagerly over these past two and a half years for student loan forgiveness. This week, President Biden issued the first of his student loan forgiveness plans. For those earning less than $125,000 a year—or couples with incomes under $250,000--up to $10,000 in federal student loan debt will be forgiven . If individuals used Pell grants to attend college (which are reserved for students with greatest financial need), up to $20,000 in federal student loan debt will be forgiven.   President Biden also this week officially extended the “ student loan payment pause” until December 31 st , 2022. Interest rates will remain at 0% until repayments start in January 2023. Biden states that this will be the last extension for student loan payments.   Mandatory student loan payments as well as interest accrual have been “on pause” since March 13, 2020, the beginning of the pandemic. 98.8% of borrowers did not make payments during this time period but those wh

Summer Vacation on a Budget

Still want to travel this summer, but wondering how you can make it work in these tough financial times?  Despite the quickly rising costs for food, transportation, etc., there are ways to cut costs without cancelling your travel plans completely.  Here are some tips and suggestions: Choose a less expensive destination Take fewer trips or reduce the duration Choose a location with a shorter distance where you can drive rather than fly Sign up for price alerts on travel websites - shop around and check travel prices then book when rates are lowest Take a close to home weekend getaway Consider trying a staycation Bring groceries and snacks with you and meal plan/prep rather than going to a restaurant for every meal Try some cheaper (or even FREE) vacation activities such as local libraries, museums, art galleries, state or national parks, walking tours, etc. Stay at an Airbnb, bed and breakfast, or with family or friends instead of booking an expensive hotel Research all inclusive packag