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Vacationing on a Budget!

  Many individuals have varying financial goals, but often times an annual vacation or trip with family top the list of most.   Of course they don’t just happen with the snap of a finger. Vacations take financial planning, budgeting, savings, and research and creativity for finding affordable transportation, accommodations, and activities upon arrival. Vacations are well-deserved treats that are the result of hard work, and with the right preparation you should be able to enjoy it to the fullest without financial distress before, during, or after. First and foremost planning for a vacation should start with setting an overall budget for the trip. This will allow to you determine how much you need to start systematically saving, ideally for several months up to a year in advance of the trip depending on the anticipated cost. The total cost can be the most difficult task to accurately estimate as you have to account for all expenses during your vacation, including and not limited to;