What is Financial Counseling? What is Credit Counseling? What are Debt Management Plans? What’s the Difference?!?!?

What is Financial Counseling?  What is Credit Counseling?  What are Debt Management Plans?  What’s the Difference?!?!?

Financial Counseling can also be called budget counseling or financial coaching.  This is a service provided by many nonprofit or for-profit service providers to review a personal budget.  An agency offering Financial Counseling may or may not be offering Credit Counseling and Debt Management.  When a Credit Counseling organization offers a Financial Counseling session, it will always include components regarding Credit Counseling and Debt Management. 

Credit Counseling and Debt Management are often synonymous when locating information.  While very closely related, they are not the same activity.  Let’s first review what each of those truly are:

·Credit Counseling is the process where a counselor reviews a consumer’s budget debt scenario that can be resolved through all the various methods available; including, 1) self-budgeting and power payment methods, 2) consolidati…
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If you are struggling with debt, make sure your first call is to CCCS, your Money Mentors!

Non-profit credit counseling agencies provide financial education and non-biased advice on debt repayment options. Additionally, CCCS can review a Debt Management Plan for those who it may be appropriate for - reduction in interest rates and a structured payment plan allows individuals to become debt free in 5 years or less.

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Student Loans - The Next Debt Crisis?

The last recession was fueled, in part, by a mortgage crisis; economists warn that the U.S. may suffer a student loan crisis next.
On a national level, graduates owe around $1.5 trillion in student loans — the largest source of household debt after housing — but it is at an individual level that the extent of the looming meltdown becomes clear. Analysis of recently-released data suggests that almost 40% of borrowers who entered college in 2004 may default on their student loans by 2023. Filing for bankruptcy is not an option, since “undue hardship” is the standard the borrower must meet despite the fact that the term has never been legally defined and can be liberally interpreted by a presiding judge.
The CCCS Student Loan Counseling Program has been extremely successful, primarily due to the complexity of the student loan market. Many individuals with student loans feel overwhelmed with anxiety and fear as they try to navigate options available during repayment, with some falling prey…

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And we keep growing! Now able to help residents in Louisiana, Washington and Hawaii 🌴 become debt free! Call 1-800-926-9685 or visit us at Know the difference between Debt Management and Debt Settlement, and take advantage of the financial education and non-biased advice of a non-profit such as CCCS/Money Mentors. Our appointments are not consultations or a sales pitch, it is a true analysis of your unique financial situation and an honest review of what the pros and cons are to your various options to become debt free.
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Consumer Credit Counseling Service Provides Debt Assistance and Financial Counseling

Get Help Now—Before You Spend Your Tax Return!
Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS) encourages local residents to take advantage of its financial counseling and debt management services. Issues arise because many people have poor credit—or no credit.CCCS can help folks with a variety of financial situations through their one on one financial counseling programs. As Tax Season unfolds, it presents a great opportunity to make a commitment to improving financial affairs.
Recent information reveals that a majority of Americans live in precarious financial situations.
According to the Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED)’s Assets & Opportunity Scorecard, announcing that 51% of consumers don’t have prime credit, meaning if they can take out a loan, they are forced to do so at sometimes exorbitant rates.
According to the CFED, “being unable to borrow from a mainstream lender can have devastating consequences on household family finances. One option is to not borrow at all, le…

CCCS is growing, and hiring!

CCCS is growing, and hiring! Please share, resumes can be sent to

Job Description

Job Title:
Financial Wellness Specialist

Vice President of Counseling
A Financial Wellness Specialist’s primary responsibility is to conduct counseling sessions with individuals and families regarding budgeting, debt and credit issues.A Specialist will provide financial education and guidance while recommending various educational and community programs in order to improve clients’ financial situations.Financial Wellness Specialist’s empower clients to take control of their financial lives, in an empathetic and compassionate manner, while always accounting for what will be in the client’s best interest based on the client’s unique situation. Financial Wellness Specialist’s also provide Counseling Intake support at the initial contact point for clients and all general incoming calls, requiring patience and positive energy.Financial Wellness Specia…