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Consumer Credit Counseling Service Will Help Excluded Workers in WNY; Selected to Help Administer New York’s Excluded Workers Fund

  Call 716-712-2060 or visit   Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS) announced today that it is working to secure workers’ benefits for those who have been excluded from the federal stimulus efforts. CCCS is one of only three Western New York organizations selected by New York State to help individuals access financial help through the all new Excluded Workers Fund — the first of its kind in the nation. The Excluded Workers Fund (EWF) provides financial assistance to New Yorkers who lost income during the COVID-19 pandemic and were left out of various federal relief programs, including unemployment and pandemic benefits, according to the New York Department of Labor Those who were unable to access unemployment and/or any other pandemic benefits include undocumented adults and those with nontraditional jobs. The EWF officially began as of August 1 st after its approval in the New York State budget this spring. It is

Common Financial Pitfalls... and How to Avoid Them!

It’s so easy for so many of us to fall into the trap of the little things that can set us back financially, even when we have the best of intentions to stay committed to our financial goals.  Here are 3 of some very common financial pitfalls, and even more importantly, tips on how to avoid them! 1.   Impulsive Spending Ever go to the grocery store hungry, and find yourself pulling more things off the shelves than you had initially intended?  Do you get a little click-happy when you’re shopping online, then have 10 items in your Amazon cart when you only planned on buying one thing?  Tempted by all the shiny and fun stuff on store endcaps and in checkout lines?  So much of what we buy is on impulse.  You’re not alone, and there are ways to reduce or even eliminate this! How to avoid: Have a plan! Don’t go grocery shopping without a pre-planned list (and stick to that list!).  Turn off “one click ordering” on your favorite online shopping sites, so you have an active barrier to just easi