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NYS Excluded Worker's Fund has relief available, and CCCS of Buffalo can help!

  Do you know anyone who is a cash worker or undocumented worker that lost income during the COVID-19 pandemic? The New York State Excluded Worker’s Fund helps these workers obtain the federal relief funds that they were left out of. Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Buffalo is one of only three Western New York organizations selected by New York State to help individuals access financial help through the all new Excluded Workers Fund — the first of its kind in the nation. The EWF officially began as of August 1 st  after its approval in the New York State budget this spring. It is a fund of approximately $2.1 billion and can provide benefits of as much as $15,600 per worker. Applications for the EWF are available in 13 different languages and applicants are strongly encouraged to apply online. Applications will not be accepted by mail.  CCCS encourages all those who believe they may be eligible to visit  and to contact CCCS at 712-2060 for any he

Holiday Spending Plan

  As the summer comes to yet another close, swiftly approaching is the holiday season. Have you started planning yet? Well… if not, you likely aren’t alone.   In less than 3 months a busy schedule lies ahead; Family gatherings and visiting relatives, attending parties and potlucks, entertaining the kids while they are eagerly home from school, and of course… shopping.   This should be the time of year to enjoy, and with the right planning, of both your time and your finances, you can have a great holiday season! Like most successful endeavors, this will start with a detailed plan. Ideally this should happen earlier in the year; whether you are putting money aside in a savings club, or purchasing gifts intermittently throughout the year.   Perhaps that wasn’t the case this year but don't worry! You can still have a great holiday season if you focus your attention on these 5 specific recommendations and tips to maximize your dollars: Make a list, and check it twice . Determine t