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CCCS Offers FREE Counseling Services & FREE Virtual Workshops for Financial Literacy Month, Starting April 1st

Call 716-712-2060 or visit   The 1-year mark of the COVID 19 pandemic is upon us, and the impact has been heavy on people of all financial levels, particularly lower- and middle-income Americans. The toll of the damage has been vast, and the financial consequences may loom for years to come. Millions of Americans experienced unemployment and job loss for the first time, while many more have experienced hardship causing a range of economic challenges from the depletion of savings, to missing  loan payments, to housing insecurity. April also marks Financial Literacy Month , tax season, and the receipt of the third Economic Impact (Stimulus) Payment; an excellent opportunity to review your finances, gain financial knowledge, and improve your overall financial outlook. Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS) announced today that it will offer free credit counseling services for the month of April; which will include “Financial Counseling”, “Financial C


  We know it can be scary to reach out for support. We want community members to know that they are not alone. Without paychecks to cover their bills and emergency funds to fall back on, many Americans have turned to credit to stay afloat. helps community members identify their debt situation and provides helpful next steps   Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Buffalo (CCCS) today launched a new project to help community members identify their debt challenge and to access tips, tools, and support. Research conducted by The Ohio State University demonstrates the positive client impact of nonprofit credit counseling . However, community members with debt challenges often reach out for credit counseling when they are already struggling with collections or are facing utilities shut off or even eviction. A better time for people to reach out is when they are making payments, but those payments are not measurably bringing down their balances . “ Our counsel