Financial Tips from CCCS Staff - Part 1

CCCS of Buffalo provides financial education and financial literacy resources to the community.

  • Our Mission: We provide our community with the best strategies to master their credit.
  • Our Vision: We are the most recognized financial counseling agency in our community that minimizes the stigma associated with debt.
  • Our Values: Integrity, Professionalism, Empowerment, Innovation

Our staff at CCCS are committed to the collective mission of our agency, and we hope that these tips for financial success from our team may help you manage your finances in a better way!


“An easy way to pay off your mortgage early is to send in an extra payment each year.  That payment goes straight to principal.  You can save about nine years of mortgage payments!  It works the same way as a bi-weekly mortgage, but without the commitment.”

            ~ Therese Melchiorre, Certified Financial Counselor


“Having trouble starting a savings fund?  Why not start little!  If you are a person who uses cash, start putting away $1 bills.  Every time you receive a $1 bill, put it away into savings.  Over time, you will find that the dollars add up!  The next year, try changing it to $5 bills.”

            ~ Krysten Goins-Singletary, Client Support Specialist


“Reconcile your checking account each month, especially young adults.  It’s easy to swipe and never look at your statements.  Reviewing these regularly can help reveal patterns of where you may be overspending, and can identify potential errors.”

            ~ Mike Florczak, Certified Financial Counselor


“Remain optimistic!  Although at times it can be very difficult and stressful managing our personal finances, try and stay positive and optimistic.  Life will throw many things at us, and in our financial lives, many problems can arise.  Think long term and big picture in order to weather the storm and get back on track.”

            ~ Robby Dunn, Vice President of Counseling


“One of the things that I like to do is have a separate account for paying bills and a separate account for fun.  This way I know all the bills are paid and if I have extra money in the fun account we can go out, and if not then we stay home!  I also track all my bills in an Excel spreadsheet according to how I get paid, and this way I know what to pay and when.”

            ~ Jaime Bergeron, Counseling Intake Specialist


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